All State Process

All State Selection Process: Membership Issues

All coaches must be a member of the MHSSCA to nominate a player for All State Honors at any level. The entire process is on-line. Players must be entered into the coaches roster “PRIOR” to the district meeting. A coach CAN register and enter the data at the District meeting. This SHOULD be done prior to the meeting.

The All State Selection Process: How It Works

All high school soccer teams in the MHSAA are classified into four divisions. The respective number of schools in each division will change each year depending on enrollment. This MHSAA classification system allows the coaches association to have its all state award procedure to follow the MHSAA state tournament format. Each division will have an appointed divisional All State Chair who will appoint Regional and District Chairs for their division. This process is dependent on coach participation. Each division is in need of volunteers to chair district and regional team selection meetings. If you are willing to volunteer please contact your appropriate divisional chair as soon as possible.

Step 1: Selection of 16 all district teams in each division
Step 2: Selection of 4 all region teams in each division
Step 3: Selection of 3 all state teams in each division

NOTE: Only coaches who are members of the association may nominate and vote in the all state selection process.  If they are not members, no player from their team can be recognized in the all state selection process. All State honors reflect the best players of our membership only. Those who select to not become members may have great players or better players, but our award system is only for our member coaches.

The All State Selection Process: All District Team Selection

The District Chair will be selected by the Regional Chair. If no District Chair is elected by the coaches in the district or appointed by the Regional Chair, the district will not be represented in the all state process. The district meeting to select the all district team must take place any time after the beginning of district play but before the start of regional play. The District Chair will schedule the all district selection meeting and inform the coaches in their district of the time and place of the meeting.

Each district coach and the District Chair will choose an all district team consisting of: 14 field players and 2 goalkeepers and, as a result of our 2004 Annual General Meeting, 12 “At-Large” players. Only the first 14 players are ranked and are eligible to move on for All Region honors. There are no exceptions to these numbers and these procedures. The “At-Large” All District players are given the same award as the 14 field players and the top 2 goal keepers.

There are no requirements to represent every team in this process. The top 14 field players and top 2 keepers must be ranked and it is vital that this rank order be reflective of player ability. In order to fairly represent players throughout the process, the district rankings need to be as fair as possible. It is necessary to rank order the 14 field players and separately rank the two goal keepers. This ranking will not and can not be changed further along in the all region or all state selection process.

The All State Selection Process: All Region Team Selection

The regional meeting to select the all region team must take place after the regional final but before the state semi-final games. The Regional Chair will schedule the all region selection meeting and inform the District Chairs of time and place of the meeting.

Each district chair and the Regional Chair will choose an all region team consisting of: 22 field players and 3 goalkeepers. The all region selections must follow the ranked order of the all district team (it must not include any of the “At-Large” picks from a district team) . No player may be moved up the ranked order for any reason. At the all region selection, the four All District Chairs and the All Region Chair must rank the 22 All Region players. Again, like the all district selections, this process is to be based upon player ability. Therefore the four number one players in each district may, or may not be ranked one through four. One district may have more skilled players than another district and therefore may have more players ranked higher than another district in the all region selections. Or, one district may have stronger teams represented than another district and therefore more skilled players than another district. Criteria for selection is based upon strength of schedule, head-to-head competition, competition against same opponents, player’s own coach’s evaluation, GPA and reputation in the soccer community.

The All State Selection Process: All State Team Selection

The four Regional Chairs and the Divisional Chair will typically meets a week later following the state finals or the one prior to the state finals in East Lansing at the M.H.S.A.A. office, 1661 Ramblewood Dr. Each region will have one vote in the selection process.

Each division will select a first, second and third team for all state. Each all state team will have 14 players and 2 goalkeepers. Each player named to the all region team will be awarded an all state honorable mention if not selected to an all state team.

Again, as in the all region selections, no player may be moved up the ranked order. The same criteria used at the all region selection is used at the all state selection.

Dream Team & All-American Nominations:

Dream Team and All-American nominations will be completed at the all state meeting on the Sunday immediately following the state finals. The President of the Association will chair the Dream Team selection process, with each divisional chair, an additional divisional coach selected by the MHSSCA Board, the MHSSCA Board and the All State Chairperson having one vote apiece. The MHSSCA reserves the right to add an additional member of the press and allowing them a vote, as well. Each division must submit players to be considered for dream team in a ranked order. Players considered for the Dream Team must be the highest ranked players from their prospective divisions.

Mr. & Miss Soccer Awards:

Mr. and Miss Soccer will be chosen from the top ranked player in each division. The Mr. Soccer and Miss Soccer voting committee will consist of each divisional chair person, an additional coach from each division appointed by the Executive Board, the All State Chair person, and, the five Executive Board members. In the event that someone isn’t present for the voting and their is an even number of voters, the Executive Director will vote break all ties.