General Information

This page is for new coaches who want to familiarize themselves with both our association and this web site. The following may help you to know dates, policy, procedures, etc.

  1. you need to know about the association is on this web site. You can contact us, but everything is right here. You can click on any of the links above to find specific information you need.
  2. There is a difference between us (the Michigan High School Soccer Coaches Association … MIHSSCA) and the Michigan High School Athletic Association MHSAA. The MHSAA deals with your school in regard to school policies, tournaments and rules. Our association, the MIHSSCA, deals with three areas:

    A. Awards (recognition of member coaches and their athletes),
    B. Training (providing clinics and coaching information for members)
    C. Promotion (our mission includes promoting high school soccer within the state of Michigan).The roles of the two organizations do not overlap, but should and do complement each other.You do not have to be a member of the association to coach for your school or to coach in the MHSAA tournament. This is a volunteer organization. There are many reasons to belong, however. If you are not a member, the following will not be available to you when you need it, deserve it, or desire it.

  3. Awards. The MHSSCA provides several awards for coaches including, Coach of the Year awards (district, regional, state, and national); provides awards to membership players; provides scholarships to member’s athletes and dependents; provides hall of fame and coaching record accomplishment awards. We also award all academic certificates to players who qualify. The MHSSCA provides a yearly clinic each year featuring national speakers. The clinic is at a sizable discount to member coaches. Training equipment, resources and fresh ideas are also provided via the association.
  4. To join the MHSSCA click on the  “New Account Registration” button to create a new account. There are membership deadlines and if you miss it the deadline fee applies.
  5. Learn more about our organization by reading our constitution.
  6. To know about our Annual Meeting and Annual Clinic.
  7. To know about our All State Selection Process to honor your players.
  8. To know find out specific information about the Girls Season or Boys Season records, rankings, all state players, click the season link, and choose boys or girls season from the menu at top of any page.
  9. To know about our scholarship programs.